Rotproofed Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulin Tan 18OZ

From: £32.90

From: £32.90



A traditional style 100% cotton Rotproofed Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulin Tan 18OZ made from single filled cotton duck. These tarpaulins are imported from India and are wax processed to make them water-resistant. Seams and hems are double rows stitched, and brass eyelets are spaced at 2ft intervals (60cms) in reinforced tabs (please note: on any 4ft dimensions, eyelets will be sited at the corners only). The weight of the proofed canvas is 18oz.

Fabricated from a natural fabric, these hardy tarps are breathable; however please bear in mind that a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures. Canvas tarpaulins will require re-treating after exposure to water, in order to maintain their resistant properties. For more information on our Canvas range, click here.

Our 18oz canvas is also available on a roll, size 6ft x 80ft / 1.8m x 24m. Popular with tarpaulin fabricators, the Canvas roll is sold without eyelets, hems or seams.


Water-resistant heavyweight canvas

Nickel-plated eyelets at 2ft intervals in strengthening tabs

All seams and hems ‘double lock’ stitched, to prevent threads from running

Rotproofed & wax processed to make them water-resistant

10oz material / 18oz when proofed

Proofed material without eyelets and hems available on a roll, size 1.8m x 24m

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