PVC Curtain Industrial Opaque Blue Food Grade PVC Curtain Rolls Strips

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From: £130.10

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Industrial Opaque Blue PVC Strip Rolls Food Grade PVC Curtain Rolls Strips

Blue PVC – Easily distinguished in nourishment prep territories and other taint control situations.

It’s utilized broadly in the nourishment Industry to mean hazard zones, as edge markers on entryways and to obviously appear in the sustenance fabricating process.

Blue PVC is utilized in different applications to include:

1. Nourishment Manufacture – to mean zone control zones

2. Complete Privacy Shields – memorial service homes, open kitchen covers, receptacle zones, open distribution centers that need to stop individuals intrusive and conceivable pilferage

3. Workmanship shows and film sets – offering a huge swath of foundation open door for recording

Availabe Sizes:
1. Width 200mm x Thickness 2mm x Roll Length 50m
2. Width 300mm x Thickness 3mm x Roll Length 50m

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