PVC Curtain Anti Static PVC Strip Rolls Industrial For Datacentres And Cleanrooms

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From: £212.10

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Anti Static PVC Strip Rolls Industrial PVC Rolls For Datacentres And Cleanrooms

PVC Range: +50/ – 15° for Electronic and High Voltage Applications. Hostile to Static PVC Strip decreases electricity produced via friction from items and individuals. Perfect for wind stream control in Datacentres and Cleanrooms.

Against Static PVC Strip is prescribed as a material that contains mixes explicitly intended to lessen the development of friction based electricity made when items and individuals go through standard materials. Against static pvc strip is planned to have a surface that is increasingly impervious to electricity produced via friction and exhibits great static dissipative characteristics. Hostile to static PVC can be utilized for server farms, clean rooms, server rooms and different zones that must be remained careful from electrical charges.

Against static PVC Roll is utilized in different applications that have explicit enemy of static necessities:

Datacentre Benefits:

1. Increment limit in your server farm with lower, progressively stable temperatures, spare vitality on cooling by up to 67%.

2. Ensure your main goal basic activities, advance server cooling hardware and see ROI in less than a year.

3. Amplify wind current elements and increment the adequacy of your hot walkway/cold path confinement

Cleanroom Benefits:

1. Keeps inside cleanroom zones free from residue, contaminations and other conceivable cross taints

2. Viable expels static charge from garments and people on going through the pvc drapes – stops the charge being passed when inside the cleanroom.

3. Serves to contains the earth direction inside the cleanroom

Availabe Size(s):
1. Width 200mm x Thickness 2mm x Roll Length 50m
2. Width 300mm x Thickness 3mm x Roll Length 50m

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