Multipurpose Tarpaulin UV Protected Waterproof Glass Clear Tarpaulins 310gsm





Multipurpose Tarpaulin
Clear Tarpaulin
310gsm Tarp
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin
Market Stall Tarpaulin

Product Description:
Our UV Protected Water Proof Glass Clear Tarpaulins 310gsm is great for projects where maximum light penetration is required. Completely waterproof, these tarpaulins are widely used as side curtains on market stalls, or as a cover over goods during bad weather. Water Proof Glass Clear UV Protected Tarpaulins can be used to work underneath in the garden or during building work as they do not block out light while keeping the working area dry.

Also particularly popular as a waterproof cover for animal enclosures such as rabbit hutches, chicken coops, and kennels. These even work well as a water slide!

Each tarpaulin comes with a white PVC reinforced hem, in which 12mm brass eyelets are sited at meter intervals, and at each corner.

Strong PVC material
Brass Eyelets at 1-meter intervals
PVC Reinforced Hems – Double stitched

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