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Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PE Waterproof Blue Tarp Cover


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Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PE Waterproof Blue Tarp Cover

140-150g per square meter
1.5 kg per PC
0.28 thickness
Reinforced Edges
UV Resistant
Anti exposure
Acid and alkali resistance
700-degree high-temperature heat splicing-no needle holes, no water leakage

No matter what weather conditions you live with, ARNCEE’s Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarp can protect your goods.
Waterproof, rustproof and UV resistant, it keeps your precious possessions protected from water and the sun.
This rip resistant thick tarpaulin with reinforced edges lasts longer than most cheaper similar tarps.
Spread this tarpaulin over your car before a storm and avoid having to brush off the snow.
Similarly, shield your barbecue grill and central air conditioning units.
Cover your backyard pool when not in use no matter what the weather to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, dried leaves, and stray animals.
Protect outdoor construction sites from adverse weather conditions.
Enjoy exploring the great outdoors?
Pack along one (or more!) of these Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps on your next camping or hiking trip.
Create a tent by pulling the rope through the grommets of this tarp and securing to the ground to stay safe and dry through the night.
Light a blazing flame with wood piles protected from the rain and other moisture by Xpose Safety’s tarpaulin.
Sitting down to enjoy a picnic?
Spread this tarp on the ground to keep clothes clean and provide protection from ticks and other insects. These weatherproof tarps can also protect your canoe or sailboat.
This tarp can be used indoors too! Protect products in your store from dust, or cover your floors when painting or cleaning. The uses are endless!


3 x 4 m
More size on the way…..

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2m x 3m, 3m x 4m, 4m x 5m, 4m x 6m


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