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Heavy Duty 80gsm Debris Netting Flame Retardant Netting White Multipurpose Netting


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White Debris Netting
Heavy Duty Debris Netting
80gsm Debris Netting
White Garden Netting
UV Stabilised Netting

Product Description:
Debris Netting is made from UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments which creates an open mesh netting. Primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site, it improves site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside the working area. By aiding the containment of debris, a safer environment is afforded to both workers and the general public.

Debris Netting can be used to create a barrier or partition site during sports or recreational events. It is also extremely popular and widely used as a general garden netting, in allotments and farms to place over plants, crops or vegetation to help protect produce.

Our white 80gsm flame retardant netting, certified to US Standard NFPA 701, is popular in commercial construction settings.

80gsm Flame Retardant white netting, certified to US Standard NFPA 701
Knitted eyeholes along both edges and through the center
Mesh size: approx 2mm
Density: 50%
Very popular garden netting

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2m x 50m


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