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Cotton Calico Dust Sheets Heavy Duty Professional Sheet


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Cotton Calico Dust Sheets Heavy Duty Professional Sheet
Cotton Calico Dust Sheets are a popular alternative to Twill dust sheets because they are a finer, softer cotton with a tighter weave. Dust is therefore less likely to penetrate, and so these sheets are recommended for building work or applications where there is likely to be more dust and rubble. Calico dust sheets are also suitable for decorating.

Calico Dust Sheets are suitable for covering goods in storage, and also work well as a soft inter-layer for waterproof car covers, helping to absorb possible condensation. This range is fully washable and re-usable, and comes in a cream/off-white colour. Available in the popular 9ft x 12ft size.

Our cotton dust sheets are from a manufacturer certified to OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles standards, where the cotton raw material has been tested for harmful substances. Therefore you can be confident that the cotton used in your dust sheet has not been treated with substances that may be harmful to your health. The raw material produced has also been grown with the environment and social responsibility in mind.


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