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Black Polythene Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting 4Mt Wide 1200 Gauge


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Black Polythene Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting 4Mt Wide 1200 Gauge
This Polythene is 300mu/1200guage, Stronger/Tougher than the Standard Weaker 250mu/100guage listed elsewhere.
Roll is 4 metres wide overall, factory folded to 1m wide for ease of transport, with various lengths available from 0.5M up to 25M lengths, Please select a roll size from the drop down menu above.

Polythene will be sent in roll form, not folded like other listings, as the creases can damage the polythene(with the exception of the 1m)
Damp proof membrane, Super Strong, Thick and Durable

Quality – BBA approved

Description = Black/Grey DPM polythene plastic sheet, high tear resistance, great tensile strength, BBA approved. This heavy duty polythene sheeting is suitable as a resistant membrane for use in concrete flooring and complies with local building regulations.
It is also suitable for weed control, groundwork, gravel underlay, temporary shed roof or window repairs, heavy duty covering and many other home garden jobs.

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0.5M X 4M, 10M x 4M, 11M x 4M, 12M x 4M, 13M x 4M, 14M x 4M, 15M x 4M, 16M x 4M, 17M x 4M, 18M x 4M, 19M x 4M, 1M x 4M, 20M x 4M, 21M x 4M, 22M x 4M, 23M x 4M, 24M x 4M, 25M x 4M, 2m x 4m, 3m x 4m, 4m x 4m, 5M x 4M, 6m x 4m, 7M x 4M, 8m x 4m, 9M x 4M, Sample


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