Antimicrobial PVC Replacement Strip Curtains Clear 200mm x 2mm



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Antimicrobial PVC Replacement Strip Curtains Clear 200mm x 2mm

Our 3m length of 200mm x 2mm. An astounding PVC strip shade, produced utilizing antimicrobial innovation. Our antimicrobial PVC strip shade has been produced for use in any condition where cleanliness control is essential. The PVC strip contains added substances that will effectively eliminate microscopic organisms, for example, E.Coli, MRSA and Salmonella. It likewise keeps the development of biofilm, shape and growths.

This is only the thing to give your current PVC strip window ornaments another rent of life. The strip can be effectively sliced to the ideal length.

• Energy sparing strip window ornament

• Effective temperature control

• Excellent hindrance against commotion and air contamination

• Ideal for irritation control

• Pedestrian or light vehicle use

• Clear PVC strips with a 36% cover

• Colored cautioning strips additionally accessible

• Face settled or under lintel settled

• Easy to introduce

• Suitable for temperatures from – 55c – +25c

• Kills Bacteria

• Anti-form and organisms

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