Anti Static PVC Curtain Rolls For Datacentres And Cleanrooms



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Anti Static PVC Curtain Rolls For Datacentres And Cleanrooms

Hostile to Static PVC strip (Blue Tint) is prescribed by us for use in situations that require both an enemy of static material capacity.

Our enemy of static PVC rolls/PVC strip is autonomously tried and confirmed to UL94 (going at V-0 level) with an Oxygen Index dimension of +27, specialized detail and free test outcomes are accessible on this material.

Utilized broad in hot Datacentres and Cleanroom conditions where gadgets and fire chance are both common issues. At +50 degrees all PVC can debase. This is a high performing enemy of static adaptable, PVC with included fire retardant capacities.

Hostile to Static PVC Rolls/Fire Retardant PVC Strips are utilized in different applications industry wide that require:

1. Wind current Containment in touchy electronic and control blackout situations

2. Enhanced adequacy in Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle separation

3. Controlling cross tainting in cleanroom and electronic conditions

4. Cooling power blackout decreases – insurance mission basic activities

Availabe Size(s):
1. Width 200mm x Thickness 2mm x Roll Length 50m

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