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Tarpaulins accessories have the same importance as that of tarpaulins. We provide you good quality tarpaulins accessories. With good quality tarpaulins obviously high quality tarpaulins are also necessary. So if your demand is quality then trust us and visit our online store for your order. Tarpaulins accessories include many pallet covers, one tonne bags, market stall clips, cable tie, shock cord, shock cord with hooks, shock cords with toggle, shock cord fixings,pegs,stakes,anchors,ball bungees, sand bags, ratchet, tarp tape, tarp grabbers and tarpaulins zips. Now we discuss each accessories one by one. First of all we will talk about market stall clips, these clips are usually used with market stall sheets so that the tarpaulin stay stable at the place. Pallet covers help in preventing your products from unfavorable environment. Ratchets are used on trailer boats and also have a number of uses in domestic and commercial areas. Tarpaulin tape is especially made that has the property to adhere the polythene fibers and hold them together in outdoor activities. Cable tie are used in homes and gardens. These are strong black plastic ties. Shock Cord reels are present in many colors, diameters and lengths. These are easy to use and shapes of these cords provide resistance to abrasion and durable fixing to the tarpaulins. Shock cord with hooks can easily tie with eyelets on the tarpaulins. These shock cord hooks are also used in carrying luggage. Fixing of scaffold sheeting is done with elasticated shock cord tie. They are also used to tie down the tarpaulins. Shock cord fixings and bungee cords are used together for fixing tarpaulins. Peg ,stakes and anchor are used to fix tarpaulins firmly. Ball bungee helps in keeping tarpaulins in fixed position. Sand bags are of 3 types help in flooded prevention. These types include polypropylene, hessian and the last one is rot proof hessian. There are a lot of alternatives of eyelets, these alternatives are tarpaulins grabbers and grippers. Eyelets are made up of metal and use to fix the tarpaulins. Tarpaulin zips can be fitted to your own desire. All of these accessories are easily available at our store. We provide products at affordable rates so that it’s easy for customers to buy our products easily. We earn top position in market. If you want best and high quality products then feel free to contact us. We made our products according to the needs of our customers.

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