One Tone Bags


One tonne bags are made from polypropylene. They are available in different colors and styles. These bags are used to store different products and items of various types. Whenever you need to store some high amount of products you can easily use these one tonne bags. The main factor of this bag is safety. These are strong woven bags that can withstand high load .The fibers of propylene are of high quality because we can not compromise on quality of the products. You can easily use this bag everywhere where you want to take the bag. This bag is used in one trip with the load of 1000kg.Making of this bag is very good and strong. Each bag is made up of a high quality fibers of polypropylene. The other names of this bag are dumpy bag , builders bag and bulk bags. This bag is certified for one trip. You can use these one tonne bags for different purpose. These bags have various uses. Mostly these are used in big industries for transportation and storage of sand and many other products. For transportation these are used to carry different substances from one place to another. Mostly these bags are available in constructions industries. These are also used in farming sectors for agriculture products and other waste products. You can also use these bags for storage of fertilizers. These bags have great use at homes’ garden for rubbish and recycling. Now we tell you about the structure of one tonne bags. This bag has a flat bottom and open top having 4 loops used as handles at each corner of the bag. These handles make it easy to carry the bag. These bags are easy to fold and clean. We supply empty bags. These types of bags are durable and withstand tensile stress. We use high quality polypropylene for manufacturing one tonne bags. The items are fully protected in these bags. These are waterproof and withstand any weather condition. We provide the products that meet the needs of our customers. Plus point of these bags are that they can use again after using in one trip and can be recycled again easily. These are environmental friendly and withstand any change in the environment. Our services are same for all of our customers whether you need a single bag or huge amount of bags. We promise to provide your products in time.

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