Heavy Duty Polythene

Heavy Duty polythene:

Heavy duty polythene is one of the classified categories of polymer of ethene (polythene). The distinction of the heavy duty polythene is due to the difference of relative densities in different kinds of polythene (polymer of ethene). Generally it is referred as high density polythene as it is denser than low density polythene.As it is denser and is thicker hence it is stronger than other kind that’s why it is referred as high duty polythene. It is generally obtained by adding catalysts that causes the formation of free radicals at the ends of growing polythene molecules. It has high strength to density ratio. They are used to make high density polythene (HDPE) pipes there it is termed as alkathenes.HDPE has large strength-to-density ratio ranging from 930 to 940 kg/m3 .HDPE has high branching stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength. It is harder and more opaque and can with stand, somewhat higher temperatures (120°C/248°F for short period).  Physical properties of heavy duty polythene vary due to the difference in manufacturing of the product. As the product required hence changes are made in the molding of its material. It has many applications some of them are: In manufacturing of; Caps of bottles (It is used for bottle caps so that the liquid cannot escape and no contamination can enter hence taste & quality is maintained),Chemical resistant piping ( It is very resistant to many chemicals that’s why it is used for screening of piping),Coaxial cable (it is used as insulator in the inner side of coaxial cable),Fiber wood (a composite of wood like structure is made that is helpful where to resist corrosion from water and to save from insects). High density polythene (HDPE) is also used as a filling material for example filling of large body parts of ship. Most area where it is applied is manufacturing of; milk bottle, jugs, cups, cans and other hollow container for the prevention of leakage.it is friendly to health as compared to PVC and it has even more advantageous as compared to glass, metal and card board. We provide high quality heavy duty polythene that are made of high quality materials. These polythene are of high durability and we provide our products in affordable rates. We satisfy our customers ,this thing make us earn fame in the whole market. Feel free to contact us for your order. We respect the demands of our customers.

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