Clear Polythene Sheets

Clear polythene sheet 

Clear polythene sheets are available on roll. These clear polythene sheet are used to protect different items .These sheets are waterproof and resist water. These are used in buildings and different other industries. These sheets are folded on the rolls and this thing make it easy to  store the clear polythene sheet. These are available in different ranges of thickness. The different ranges are 1.5 mil,3 mil,6mil,4 mil,2 mil and 0.31 mil.The usage of these sheets are wide.1.5 mil and 0.31 mil are used to protect items from dust and paint spray covers. For covering the furniture 2 mil sheets are used. These are also used as dust covers and floor covers for short time.3 mil sheet is used as a temporary wall and act as a vapor barrier. 4 mil is best to use in protecting things from moisture and also act as vapor barrier. This sheet is mainly used to protect objects from moisture in unfavorable weather. This is also used to mulching and for concrete curing.  6 mil sheet is used in mulching and act as vapor barrier in concrete slabs. This sheet prevent items from hazardous dust and dirt. This is also used to prevent asbestos and in mold remediation work. These sheets are used in building materials. Wood materials are also covered by using these sheets. These sheets are waterproof and resist the moisture so the woods are well protected. For covering different materials used in constructions these sheets are used. Clear polythene sheet is best for covering walls and act as weather proofing and used in covering fresh concrete. These sheets are used in covering under mulch in landscaping. Clear polythene sheets are economical and easy to use and have low density and weight. It is use to protect, separate and cover different items. Clear and translucent polythene sheets are transmitters of sunlight so these sheets trap heat. Advantage of clear polythene sheets are that we can see through them. Mostly these are used to protect machinery, equipment and other products from dust and moisture. These sheets are of high quality. We provide you our best services as well products. We make our products according to the needs of our customers. As this is the main slogan for us that “Quality makes us unique and different”. So quality is necessary for selling products. We fulfill the requirements of our beloved customers.


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