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Waterproof Cotton Twill Polyethylene Backed Dust Sheet


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Waterproof Cotton Twill Polyethylene Backed Dust Sheet
Durable woven cotton twill dust sheet with waterproof polyethylene backing. Cotton side absorbs paint and liquid spills while the waterproof layer prevents soak-through. Strong and tear-resistant. Protects furniture, carpet and flooring from paint, plaster, dust, dirt and debris during decorating or DIY tasks.
100% cotton twill. Cotton top absorbs spills whilst polythene backing prevents soak-through.

1. Woven cotton twill absorbs spills
2. Polythene backing prevents penetration & soak-through
3. Protects against paint, liquid, dust, dirt & debris
4. Ideal cover for carpet, flooring & furniture
5. Durable & reusable


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