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Multipurpose Tarpaulin UV Protected Tightly Woven Polyethylene Waterproof Tarpaulin 200gsm


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Heavy weight 200gsm tarpaulins are specially made from super strong tightly woven polyethylene providing lasting protection against the elements.
It is our most durable and versatile tarpaulin, suitable for use in some of the most demanding industrial environments as well as for tough jobs around the home and garden. Topgrade is not only extremely tough it’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to handle even when wet.

1. Waterproof
2. Rot proof
3. UV Protected
4. Eyelets every metre
5. Double edged rope reinforced hems
6. Available in 36 sizes
7. Three colours available: Blue, Green and White
8. Weave: 200gm per sq metre
9. Weave: 14 x 14 sq. inch

1. Our green tarpaulins are often used by farmers for a variety of tasks, such as covering machinery and haystacks. The green colour means they easily blend into the landscape
2. Our blue tarpaulins are most often bought by boat-owners. They are used to cover boats or marine equipment, or as dust sheets when working above or below deck.
3. White tarpaulins are great for working under, as they let some light through. Market stall owners find them very useful for this reason.

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Blue 11m x 7m, Blue 11m x 9m, Blue 12m x 12m, Blue 12m x 6m, Blue 12m x 9m, Blue 14m x 9m, Blue 16m x 12 m, Blue 16m x 9m, Blue 18m x 12 m, Blue 18m x 9m, Blue 2.5m x 2.0m, Blue 23m x 12m, Blue 23m x 9m, Blue 2m x 1.5m, Blue 30m x 18m, Blue 30m x 5m, Blue 3m x 2.5m, Blue 3m x 3m, Blue 4m x 2.5m, Blue 4m x 3m, Blue 4m x 4m, Blue 5m x 3m, Blue 5m x 4m, Blue 5m x 5m, Blue 6m x 3m, Blue 6m x 4m, Blue 6m x 5m, Blue 7m x 4m, Blue 7m x 5m, Blue 7m x 6m, Blue 8m x 4m, Blue 8m x 6m, Blue 9m x 7m, Green 11m x 7m, Green 11m x 9m, Green 12m x 12m, Green 12m x 6m, Green 12m x 9m, Green 14m x 9m, Green 16m x 12 m, Green 16m x 9m, Green 18m x 12 m, Green 18m x 9m, Green 2.5m x 2.0m, Green 23m x 12m, Green 23m x 9m, Green 2m x 1.5m, Green 30m x 18m, Green 30m x 5m, Green 3m x 2.5m, Green 3m x 3m, Green 4m x 2.5m, Green 4m x 3m, Green 4m x 4m, Green 5m x 3m, Green 5m x 4m, Green 5m x 5m, Green 6m x 3m, Green 6m x 4m, Green 6m x 5m, Green 7m x 4m, Green 7m x 5m, Green 7m x 6m, Green 8m x 4m, Green 8m x 6m, Green 9m x 7m, white 11m x 7m, white 11m x 9m, white 12m x 12m, white 12m x 6m, white 12m x 9m, white 14m x 9m, white 16m x 12 m, white 16m x 9m, white 18m x 12 m, white 18m x 9m, white 2.0m x 1.5m, white 2.5m x 2.0m, white 23m x 12m, white 23m x 9m, white 3.0m x 2.5m, white 30m x 18m, white 30m x 5m, white 3m x 3m, white 4m x 2.5m, white 4m x 3m, white 4m x 4m, white 5m x 3m, white 5m x 4m, white 5m x 5m, white 6m x 3m, white 6m x 4m, white 6m x 5m, white 7m x 4m, white 7m x 5m, white 7m x 6m, white 8m x 4m, white 8m x 6m, white 9m x 7m


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