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Heavy Duty Truck Net 180gsm Commercial Green Mesh Netting


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This Truck Net is one of the UK’s leading green mesh netting. Suitable for trucks and tippers. Available in various size.

Product Features:
1. Green polyethylene 180gsm mesh
2. PVC border for extra tear resistance
3. Patched Eyelets along the border
4. Complete with polypropylene rope ties

Where can this be used?
– Cargo Trucks
– Waste Skips
– Car Trailers

Additional information


12ft x 9ft x 1.61kg, 15ft x 9ft x 2.01kg, 18ft x 10ft x 2.68kg, 20ft x 12ft x 3.57kg, 24ft x 12ft x 4.29kg, 26ft x 12ft x 4.65kg


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