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Heavy Duty Cargo Bricks Netting Industrial Concrete Blocks Nets


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Product Description:
The heavy duty Cargo Nets (Brick Nets) are a great building product when transporting masonry and concrete blocks.
Main Features
1. 3.5mm braided polythene twine
2. 2.5” knot comes with border ties
3. All nets mounted on 8mm diameter border rope
4. Cords spliced to border at 1m approx centres

Where can this be used?
Carrying Bricks
General Waste

Additional information


10ft x 9ft x 1.5kg, 12ft x 12ft x 3.9kg, 12ft x 8ft x 3.2kg, 14ft x 9ft x 3.6kg, 16ft x 10ft x 4.17kg, 18ft x 12ft x 5.1kg, 20ft x 12ft x 5.5kg, 20ft x 15ft x 6.5kg, 24ft x 12ft x 9.9kg, 24ft x 15ft x 7.5kg, 30ft x 15ft x 9kg


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