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Green Shade Privacy Netting For Screening Windbreak Garden Fence Net


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Grey Shade Privacy Netting For Screening Windbreak Garden Fence Net
98% Shade Netting can protect from the harmful effects of the sun or prying eyes!
Used overhead or as a vertical screen you can provide a shady area which is still pleasant to be in! 98% shade is good protection!

Please Note: Multiple quantities will be sent as one continuous length, where possible, unless requested otherwise.

Product Details:
• Heavy weight HDPE knitted mesh – 230gsm
• Colour: Green, Brown or Anthracite Grey
• UV additive for longer life
• 98% Shade will not tear or fray
• Knitted eyelets every 1cm top and bottom
• Reinforced edges on both sides (length)
• Fix with net clips, cable ties or cord through eyelets and through netting

Customers have told us they use this for:
Privacy Screens
Play areas
Lounging space
Pet areas
Chicken runs
Poly Tunnels

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